Point Two Air Jackets “For a safer Ride”


The P2-RS is built on a chassis of the RS2010 Racesafe body protector, which is approaved to BETA 2009 Level 3 with the added protection of Point Two air vest technology incorporated into the garment.

  • Child’s version available soon.

pro air

The point Two ProAir is the lightweight durable air vest of choice by riders all over the world, for everything from hacking and schooling to eventing and polo. it inflates in the blink of an eye to protect the rider in the event of a fall.

  • Black £425 (colours extra)

blueproair navy proair yellow proair

childs proair

The Point Two child’s ProAir is the lightweight air vest and the ideal safety choice for whatever discipline your children choose-from hacking to eventing. It is easy to use, wipe clean inflates in the blink of an eye in the event of a fall.

  • Black £296

point two soft shell

Point Two have created an air jacket that is discreet and stylish for virtually any activity. The Point Two Soft Shell is identical to any other soft shell jacket used for show jumping, schooling or hacking out but with one major difference – it has a fully integrated Point Two ProAir2 airbag and trigger system.

  • Available in black only XS – XL

Replacement Products

co2 canisterCO 2 Canister £17.87

bungee lanyardBungee Lanyard £42.02

saddle attachmentSaddle Attachment £10.42